Our Guarantee

There is much to be said about the efficiency of online shopping. You can find nearly anything you desire with a few key strokes and a payment method. On the flip side, shopping has become impersonal and the instant gratification of ready made, mass produced products, has made us into a throw away society. Things are rarely repaired and when we try, most of the time it’s expensive or we don’t have the skills necessary to complete the task. We often complain about how cheaply things are made when they don’t seem to last, but we also have something to say when an item is well made, but it costs more. Rest assured that there is a reason why handmade will always cost more and be worth every hard earned penny.

The products you will find within these pages are guaranteed against defective craftsmanship, and if in the off chance something fails the quality test, it will be made right. Despite the fact that sales of our products are predominantly made online, just know that there is a real, live person handcrafting these items for you, packing them up and shipping them right to your hands. The Kennedy & Company brand represents pride in product, craftsmanship and process. It’s our pleasure to serve our amazing customers, one stitch at a time.