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KCO All Natural Leather Balm

KCO All Natural Leather Balm

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Hand poured in small batches, KCO Leather Balm contains 100% organic cosmetic and food grade ingredients. It all starts with responsibly sourced, pure beeswax, and is blended with organic cocoa butter and hand poured into 2 oz tins. This balm contains zero harsh chemicals and is cosmetic grade meaning it’s safe for skin. This product is not intended for use on suede items. Please note, that because of its strong rehydrating qualities, the balm should be tested on an inconspicuous area prior to application to ensure satisfaction.

To apply: Use clean lint free cloth, apply very light coat of balm and rub in circular motion and reapply as necessary. You may finish by buffing with a natural horsehair brush to complete the look. 

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